Krizna Jama

Krizna Cave - Mrzla Jama

Useful Information

Location: Motorway E61 Ljubljana-Postojna, exit Unica. Follow road 212 through Cerknica to Bloška Polica, turn right on road to Lož. After 300 m there is gravel road on the right to the cave entrance. Road is possible for coaches, there is a parking for coaches and a second at the cave entrance for cars.
(45.745448, 14.467440)
Open: Only by appointment
Fee: 1 h tour: Adults EUR 9, Children (3-15) EUR 6.
Groups (15+): Adults EUR 7, School Pupils (3-18) EUR 5.
4 h tour: JUL to SEP 4 persons EUR 180, 3 persons EUR 165, 2 persons EUR 130.
OCT to JUN 4 persons EUR 140, 3 persons EUR 120, 2 persons EUR 94.
7 h tour: per group EUR 240.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Speleologyriver cave
Light: none, lamps and rubber boots provided
Dimension: L=8,273 m, VR=32 m, T=8°.
Guided tours: Tourist trip: D=1 h, Dry parts, up to 30 persons, includes short boat ride.
Caving trip: L=1,600 m, D=4 h, up to 4 persons.
Photography: Allowed, only during stops.
Accessibility: Definitley no
Bibliography: Sandro Sedran (2006): Speleo Per Tutti, Escusioni in facili grotte del nord-est italiano e Slovenia / Proposte per un nuovo tipo di escursionismo e spunti di accompagnamento per i gruppi speleologici 256 pp, 265 colour photos, ISBN 8889562099. EUR 19, published by the author: Sandro Sedran, Via Nazionale 259/5, 30034 Mira, (VE), Italy E-mail: contact
Address: Drustvo ljubiteljev Krizne jame (Caving club of Krizna jama), Bloska Polica 7, 1384 Grahovo, Slovenia, Tel: +386-41-632-153. E-mail: contact
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1832 first documented.
1878 Ferdinand von Rochstetter, member of the Vienna Academy of Science, and Ferdinand Schulz, Curator of the Ljubljana Museum, excavated over 2000 cave bear bones in only four days.
1926 first exploration of the water filled parts by Slovene cavers.


Krizna Jama is the subterranean bed of a river and is famous for its 22 lakes. Also the remains of more than 100 cave bears were found in a side passage near the entrance. Two reassembled skelettons are shown in the Vienna Natural Science Museum, simply because they were excavated at the end of the 19th century by Austrian Professors, when Solvenia still belonged to the Austro-Hungarian-Empire.

Krizna Jama has a quite large portal at the end of a short gorge. This portal is closed by a iron bar gate to protect the cave, mainly the bear bones and the bats living in the cave. Inside the portal, after a descent to the level of the main passage, the passage widens and becomes quite big. The passage is between 15 and 25 m high and wide. The floor is natural cave floor with clay and rocks, including huge blocks from the ceiling. Speleothems are not very common, but when there are stalactites they are quite large and ímpressive. Stalamte are really rare and unimpressive, mostly because of the cave river. If where the water does not flow normally, the stalagmites are

Visits are only possible in times of normal water levels. When there is too little water the boat rides do not work, when there is too much water it becomes dangerous. Fortuately both situations re quite rare. All the necessary equipment for viewing the cave's 22 lakes is made available by the guides. For the first part, no special equipment is needed. It is possible to tour only this part, called tourist trip. It still requires a short boat ride. For the wet tour rubber boots, caving suits, battery lights and inflatable boats are essential. This tour shows 13 lakes and ends at the calvary, a huge pile of debris covered by stalagmites.