Красный Ключ

Krasny Klutch Spring - Krasny Klyutch - Red Spring

Useful Information

Location: At Krasny Klutch, at the river Ufa.
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: KarstKarst Spring
Dimension: T=5°C.
Address: Krasny Klutch Spring, Red Spring Station, Nurimanovsky Region, Bashkortostan.
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Krasny Klutch (Red Spring) is the biggest SpringVaucluse type spring of fresh water in Europe. And it is one of the biggest karst springs in the world. The water in the spring is saturated with limestone, so every second the water brings more than one kilogram of limestone to the surface, which makes about 100 tons per day. The water fills in two lakes with greenish-bluish water in the valley below.

Comment: Actually we read about this spring, but information was really sparse. We could not find a location or exact numbers about production. Unfortunately there is no "official" ranking of big springs. The location we give is the city of the same name which fits all descriptions we know of. We should be able to see the spring on Google Earth, but unfortunately the resolution in this area is pretty bad. If you visited the spring, please tell us more!