Скельская Пещера

Skelsky Pestera - Skelsky Cave - Skelskaja Pestera - Skelskaya Cave

Useful Information

Location: highway Yalta-Sevastopol, to Rodnikovsk, turn right.
(44.460899, 33.869227)
Open: Winter daily 10-16.
Summer daily 9-19.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=670 m, T=12 °C.
Guided tours: L=270 m.
Address: Skelsky Pestera.
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1904 discovered by the local teacher E. Kirillov.
1960 explorations by speleologists.
1964 declared a natural monument.
MAY-2003 start of development.
2005 opened to the public.
2011 installations renovated, electric light.


This is the youngest show cave on the Crimean peninsula. The first stop is Fireplace Hall which was named after a flowstone in the shape of a fireplace. The second chamber is the biggest chamber of the cave and the main sight is the seven-meter stalactite Рыцарь с копьем (Knight with a spear). The chamber is 80 m long and 18 m wide, the ceiling up to 25 m high. The most mysterious part of the cave is the Зал привидений (Ghost Hall), and the operators do not tell whats going on there.