Печера Геофізична

Geophysical Cave

Useful Information

Entrance staircase in 2014, Geophysical Cave. Public Domain.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=6-8 °C
Guided tours:
Address: Geophysical Cave.
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1971 first speleologic exploration.


Печера Геофізична (Geophysical Cave) is known for a long time, the entrance is a spectacular sinkhole which is 28 m deep. The locals avoided the cave since ancient times, as it was considered a refuge for spirits. It was called провальною ямою, в яку стікаються річки (sinkhole into which rivers flow).

It was developed as a show cave by a metal staircase which leads down into the horizontal passage.

The name Geophysical Cave was given to the cave, because a team of geophysicists visited the plateau in the 1950s and made an geophysical exploration. In 1958 V.N. Dubliansky, V.P. Meleshin and K.V. Averkiev made the first topographic survey of the . They predicted that there would be a cave at the bottom of the shaft but did not enter the cave. In this time the necessary material was not easily available, shafts were explored using rope ladders. The first exploration was twenty years later in the 1970s.