Peştera Polovragi

The Cave of Pahomie from Polovragi

Useful Information

Location: The gorge of Oltet river. Parâng Mountains, . Munṭii Căpăṭânii (Capatanii Mountains, literally: Mountains of the Skull).
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave. Jurassic limestone.
Light: electric
Dimension: L=10,350m
Guided tours: L=900m
Address: Peştera Polovragi
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1974-1981 explored and surveyed by Asociatia Speologica Focul Viu Bucuresti.


The Cheile Oltetului (Oltet Gorge) is very impressive. 200 to 300 m high cliffs are only three to five meters apart in the lower part, in the upper part of the gorge the distance is between 10 and 20 meters. In the Jurassic limestone numerous caves exist, most of them inaccessible.

Peştera Polovragi (Cave of Pahomie from Polovragi) is located at the left side of the gorge, 200 m from the entrance and only 20 m from the road through the gorge. So a cave visit also includes a visit to the gorge. The huge cave portal is used by the visitors to park their cars.

The main passage of the cave is electrically lit, a tunnel which is two to eight meters high and about ten meters wide. This passage shows an abundance of speleothems.