Grutas de São Vicente

Caves of São Vicente - São Vicente's Caverns

Useful Information

water filled passage. © Knut Brenndörfer.
Location: Near São Vincente, north coast, Madeira. From the capital Funchal follow the coast westwards to Ribeira Brava, then north across the Encumeada pass to Soa Vincente, the cave is a fewkm up the valley near the road (signposted).
Open: All year daily 9-19.
Fee: Adults EUR 8. [2005]
Classification: Speleologylava tube
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=17 °C.
Guided tours: L=700 m, D=20 min.
Bibliography: Helga Hartmann (1997): Die "Grutas de São Vincente" - eine Schauhöhle auf Madeira. Höhlenkundliche Mitteilungen, 53. Jg (1997), Heft 9, pp.178-179 (in German) Knut Brenndörfer (2005): Höhlen auf Madeira, in: HFGOK-Mitteilungen, Jahrgang 24, Heft 3, September 2005, S.73-76
Address: Grutas de São Vicente, Sítio do Pé do Passo, 9240-039 São Vicente, Madeira, Tel: +351-291-842404.
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typical cave passage with lave stream at the floor and melting forms at the ceiling. © Knut Brenndörfer.


1855 first explorations by James Yate Johnson, an englishman, who thought the lave tubes could be connected with the plateau Pául da Serra.
1992 start of development as a show cave.
1996 opened to the public.


The Grutas de São Vicente consists of a number of parallel lava tubes, leading from the plateau Pául da Serra to the sea. This tubes are connected by several artificial tunnels.

The cave shows typical features of a lava tube, different forms of lava including some lava dripstones. It is interesting from a geological point of view, but not very spectacular from the tourist point of view, still its a nice intermezzo on a visit to the impressive north coast.

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