Pętla Boryszyńska

Burschener Schleife

Useful Information

Location: East of Boryszyn.
Open: 15-APR to 15-OCT daily 10-18.
Fee: Short tour: Adults PLN 14, Children (6-16) PLN 12, Children (0-5) free.
Groups (+): Adults PLN 12, Children (6-16) PLN 10.
Long tour: Adults PLN 18, Children (6-16) PLN 15, Children (0-5) free.
Groups (+): Adults PLN 15, Children (6-16) PLN 14.
Classification: SubterraneaWorld War II Bunkers
Light: bring torch
Dimension: T=10 °C
Guided tours: Short tour: D=1.5 h. Long tour: D=2.5 h. Photography allowed, video only with permission of the guide.
Address: Pętla Boryszyńska, 3 Maja 5, Boryszyn 66-218, Tel: +48-683-813200, Fax: +48-683-813254. E-mail: contact
Pętla Boryszyńska, Peter Buchheim, Uhlandstaße 126, 10717 Berlin E-mail: contact
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The Pętla Boryszyńska (Boryszyn Loop) is part of the Oder-Warthe Bogen (Oder-Warthe arc), also known as Ostwall (Eastern Wall). It was originally called Burschener Schleife by the Germans. Located beneath the Panzerwerk 778 in Boryszyn, the underground tunnels form a loop, hence the name. The tunnels were used to store ammunition and heavy guns. There was a gauge railway for transportation, with two stations, North and South. The tour includes the Panzer Turm 3 (tank tower 3) and the A-Werk Nord.

This is the second location at the Ostwall, which is open to the public. While the other one at Pniewo is well developed with electric light, the tunnels here are almost in their original state. The visitors should wear appropriate clothes, especially sturdy boots, and bring their own lights. At Boryszyn guides are available, self guided visits are not allowed. Beneath the two tourist routes of 1.5 and 2.5 hours, there are longer tours avalable after appointment.

It seems, the Boryszyn Loop is also a location of the computer game WW2 Airsoft. In a hypothetic battle Wehrmacht soldiers fight against the Red Army. Obviously the game is an ego shooter and the story, while using an existing location, seems to ignore the historic situation.