Anlage Mitte

Useful Information

Location: Konewka, near Tomaszow, 70 km east of Lodz.
Open: MAY to JUN Tue-Sun 10-18.
JUL to AUG Mon-Fri 10-18, Sun 10-19.
SEP to OCT Tue-Sun 10-18.
NOV to APR Sat, Sun 10-16.
Fee: Adults PLZ 6, Children (7-16) PLZ 3, Children (0-6) free, Students PLZ 3, Seniors PLZ 3.
Guide PLZ 25.
Classification: SubterraneaWorld War II Bunkers
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=16 °C
Guided tours: self guided
Address: Anlage Mitte, Bunkier w Konewce, Tel: +48-501-430321. E-mail: contact
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1939 construction started.
JUN-1941 completed.
1944 used as ammunition store.
2005 opened to the public.


Anlage Mitte (central facility) is a World War II bunker built by the germans as a so-called Führerhauptquartier. It was intended to host Adolf Hitler if this should be necessary during the war. For this purpose the bunker had a strange bunker which is a straight and 350m long concrete vault, intended for the command train. Nearby are numerous other bunkers which host the machinery for electricity, fuel, and water.

The bunker was able to protect two of Hitlers private trains. It was built for Operation Barbarossa, the attack of the Soviet Union in June 1941. The bunker was never used for its intended purpose and at the end of the war it was used as ammunition depot.