Jaskinia Łokietka

King Lokietek Cave - Jaskinia Królewska - Royal Cave

Useful Information

Location: Near Ojcow. In the Ojcowski National Park. 20km northwest of Cracow.
(50.201710, 19.817888)
Open: MAY-JUN 9-18, AUG-SEP 9-17, OCT-NOV 9-16. [2002]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave. Upper Jurassic Limestone.
Light: electric
Dimension: L=320m, A=453m asl V=150.000/a.
Guided tours: L=150m, D=30min.
Address: Jaskinia Łokietka, Ojcowski National Park, 32-047 Ojcow, Tel: +48-12-4239063.
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1300 according to legend the Polish King hid from his rival's overwhelming forces in the cave.
17th century visited by the Polish King.
1691 first described in Świat podziemny blisky (The Close Undergound World).


Jaskinia Łokietka is a very old show cave, as the first official cave tour was made during a visit of the Polish King in the 17th century. This is, why it is called King Lokietek Cave or Royal Cave. The cave has two big chambers, Knight's Chamber and Bedchamber, connected by narrow cross rifts. Small stalactites abound.

During the period 15-MAY to 20-JUN advanced booking is advised due to the large numbers of visitors, up to 3000 a day. Waiting time is about an hour, unless booked in advance. This cave is extremely popular as every child learns the legend about Ladislas the Short in school.

In 1300 the Polish Prince Ladislas the Short was attacked by King Wencelas of Bohemia. He invaded with his men and attacked the Prince in the Ojcow valley. But before the Prince lost his battle and was captured or killed, he found a secret passage into this cave. A huge spiders web concealed the door and so the enemy lost him. The prince regrouped his forces, returned and saved his kingdom.

Old legend.