Hindang Cave and Wild Monkeys

Useful Information

Location: Hindang, Leyte island.
(10.460560, 124.736727)
Open: All year daily .
Fee: Adults PHP 20.
Parking PHP 25.
Zipline PHP 200.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Hindang Cave and Wild Monkeys, Barangay Hindang, 6523 Leyte.
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Hindang Cave and Wild Monkeys is a sort of private nature reserve which includes trips into the Bontoc Caves, a zip line and avoiding the monkeys. As the site has regular open hours, guides, and an entrance fee we decided to call it a show cave, although it actually isn't. The guide accompanies visitors from the ticket office, because handling the monkeys is not easy. They tend to harass the visitors, and if you shout back the become angry. Also, they do not like if you look at them for too long. They take food like bananas, but tend to come back for more until it gets a little rough. Never mix them up with rabbits in a children zoo.

When you finally have reached the entrance of the cave you have climbed a rather long stone staircase in the hot and humid climate. There are at least seven caves in the park, the most visited are the Cathedral Cave and the Pandayan Cave. The smaller caves are Pandong Bato Cave, Lusaron Cave, and Dahikon Cave. Together they are called Bontoc Caves, because they are located in a hill which is called Mt. Bontoc, or Hindag Caves because they are located in the town Hindang. During World War II the caves were a refuge for guerillas and survived heavy bombardment by the Japanese. The caves are not illuminated and the visit only includes the entrance section of the caves as far as daylight reaches. Behind the entrance of Cathedral Cave a huge chamber is reached which has a huge karstfenster in the ceiling which also allows daylight in. The ceiling is full of huge stalagmites, although they are green with moss and lichen due to the daylight.