Bukilat Cave

Useful Information

Location: Barangay MacArthur, Tudela Sea Road, Poro Island, Camotes.
(10.659336, 124.514403)
Open: All year daily 8-17.
Fee: Adults PHP 20.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:  
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: various stairs, not wheelchair accessible
Address: Bukilat Cave, Tudela, Camotes Island, Cebu.
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1970s developed with trails by Father Jose.


Bukilat Cave was named after the a local chieftain Bukilat who once sought refuge in the cave with his people. It was also used as a shelter from the Japanese during World War II by the inhabitants of Tudela. The cave was developed as a picknick spot by a local priest, who planned to protect it this way. Father Jose was a missionary from Holland named Joseph M.H. Weirtz, MSC. During the 1970s and 1980s he held masses inside the cave to ensure that it would be well maintained.

The cave has a path but no light, as the ceiling has seven karstfensters allowing the sun to shine in. Most of the cave floor is covered by a huge but only knee-deep cave lake. The pool with its fresh water is used for bathing by the visitors. The water is quite cold, some call this refreshing, but is you want to dip in the water bring a swimsuit and a towel.

The minerals of the limestone rich dripping water are believed to have curative properties for a variety of illnesses. 200 m from the cave on a foot trail are the Guin-awitan Falls.