Kompong Trach Cave

Useful Information

Location: In the karst tower of Kompong Trach
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave SpeleologyRiver Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:
Address: Kompong Trach Cave.
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Kompong Trach Cave is located inside a karst tower with a really chracteristic shape. It was once a Khmer Rouge stronghold. In July 1994 three western travellers were kidnapped by the Khmer Rouge off the Phnom Penh - Sihanoukville train and were murdered in September the same year. However, the Khmer Rouge are gone and their is no danger any more. The caves where they lived can be visited, local kids guide visitors for a small fee.

The cave contains today a number of small sculptures, e.g a sleeping Buddha. The tunnel leads to a chamber with a circular opening in the ceiling.