Vaikona Chasm

Useful Information

Location: Huvalu Forest Conservation Area, south eastern coast. On the coast road 6 km northeast of Hakupu Village, 3 km southwest Liku, 500 m southwest Hikulagi Sculpture Park. Stop at parking lot, trail to the coast.
Open: no restrictions. [2006]
Fee: free [2006]
Classification: various karst and erosional features
Light: none, bring torch
Guided tours:
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It is difficult and unsafe to reach Vaikona Chasm, there are signs which warn that the cave leading to the chasm is unsafe. It seems they were erected as the path through the cave requires some climbing and may be slippery. Probably a rope is a good idea. Please do not enter if you are not sure you can handle it. Never go alone and tell somebody where you are and when you expect to be back.

Form the geologic view the marked trail to the chasm is the sight, which leads through shady forest and dead coral pinnacles. There are two caves, the unsafe one, which must be crossed, and a large one which requires a torch at the end of the chasm. To reach it swim to the end of the longer freshwater pool and dive under the wall. We strongly recommend to be careful.