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Location: Valkenburg, at the road to Sibbe.
Open: All year daily.
After appointment.
Fee: Various different tours and activities.
Classification: SubterraneaRock Mine subterranean limestone quarries.
Light: equipment provided
Dimension: L=120,000m.
Guided tours:  
Address: Sibbergroeve, ASPAdventure, Oud Valkenburg 2a, 6305 AB Shin op Geul, Tel: +31-43-6040675, Fax: +31-43-6041165. E-mail: contact
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The Sibbergroeve is named after the small village Sibbe. This underground limestone quarries are located at the road from Valkenburg to Sibbe. They are also the biggest labyrinth of passages with a total length of 120 kilometres.

Unlike the other tourist sites at Valkenburg, this one is not an electrically lit tourist site. Also, it is not simply a quarry which was developed into something else, like an museum, aquarium or whatever. It is a system of almost unaltered caverns which are used for various underground adventures, extreme sports, and other activities. The main adventure is obviously the cave biking. It is available as a comfortable biking sight seeing tour, as a sportive event, in combination with climbing or with caveing. Other activities are quad tours, cave trekking, and more.

Actually there is also one tour which is called cultural cave tour, which is more or less a normal walking tour through the caves.