Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk

Useful Information

Location: Verlengde Bosweg 1, Noordwijk.
(52.253724, 4.439560)
Open: MAY to JUN Sat 12-16, Sun 10-17.
JUL to AUG Fri, Sat 12-16, Sun 10-17.
Fee: Adults EUR 6, Children (4-12) EUR 4, Children (0-3) free.
Guided tour: Adults EUR 6, Children (4-12) EUR 4, Children (0-3) free.
Classification: TopicAtlantikwall SubterraneaWorld War II Bunker
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: V=8,400/a [2019]
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Bibliography: P. Harff, D. Harff (2006): Battery Noordwijk 1940 – 1945; German seacoast battery in the Netherlands 148 pages; paperback; ISBN 978 90-816707-15. € 19.50 at the ticket office. online
Address: Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk, Verlengde Bosweg 1, Noordwijk, Tel: +31-.
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1940 German marine takes control of the area.
1946 canons demolished for scrap metal and area accessible to the public.
1970 bunkers closed down and covered with sand.


The Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk is a series of bunkers from the Second World War. The Noordwijk Battery consisted of a fire control bunker, artillery bunkers, ammunition bunkers and residential bunkers connected by a tunnel system. It's possible to visit the command bunker (S414), four and two ammunition bunkers (Fl246). The S414 command bunker is three stories high and today is the entrance of the Atlantikwall Museum The heavy gun bunkers (S.K.) not only housed four 155mm guns, but were also used as living quarters. Supplies for the canons came from the ammunition bunkers (Fl246), which were connected by a tunnel containing a narrow gauge railway.