A GoGo Valkenburg

Useful Information

Location: Valkenburg. Chairlift Valkenburg.
Fee: Caveball: Alpha (50 paintballs) EUR 27.50, Bravo (150 paintballs) EUR 35, 50 paintballs extra EUR 7.50.
Lasertag: 20 min EUR 7.50.
Guided tours: T=12 °C.
Address: A GoGo Valkenburg, Neerhem 44, 6301 CJ Valkenburg, Tel: +31-43-6090609, Fax: +31-43-6090611. E-mail: contact
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A GoGo Valkenburg is an adventure park with numerous attractions. A chairlift takes visitors 90 m up to the start of the Toboggan Slides. But the unique attraction is Caveball, which include paintball, lasergame, penalty shooting, and jump cushions, all played underground in the caves.

Cave Paintball or Caveball® is a game between two teams, trying to eliminate each other with colored paintballs. This balls of gelatine based, biological degradable and machine washable, paint are fired by a special paintball gun, powered by CO2 gas. Participants hit by such a ball drop out of the game for this round. Winner is the surviving team. The participants wear an overall, a safety mask, a helmet and a paintball gun. This equipment is provided, after a thorough explanation of game and security behavior.

Another game called Lasertag is about the same with laser pistols. The advantage is the fact, that no security equipment is necessary. Smoke and music in the playfield make it difficult to locate the opponent.