Wind Cave

Lubang Angin

Useful Information

Location: Near Bau, south of Kuching. Can be reached by Bus No.2, taxi or rented car or motorcycle.
(1.414450, 110.137503)
Open: All year daily 8:30-15:45.
Closed for renovation 2019-2012.
Fee: Foreigners MYR 5, Malaysians MYR 1.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: L=1,000m
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Wind Cave, 94000 Bau, Sarawak, Tel: +60-82-765 490
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Lubang Angin (Wind Cave) was named after the current of cool air which continually leaves the cave entrance. The cave is located inside a karst tower at the shores of Sungai Sarawak Kanan River. The road from Jalan Taiton road continues around the karst tower and ends at the river. From the parking lot a huge stone staircase goes up to the cave entrance. The cave is a through cave, with entrances on several sides of the karst tower, which is the reason for the namesake air current.

There are comfortable wooden trails in the cave but no light, a torch is recommended. The wooden trails have railing and are rather safe, but due to the humidity in the cave the wood is often slippery and good walking shoes are strongly recommended. Because of the bat guano we also recommend gloves and a hat.

The cave has actually three main passages. At the entrance the Passage No 1 goes to the right and the Passage No 2 to the left. Passage No 2 is a short through cave. Passage No 1 is the main cave, with a short side branch to the right and a long side branch to the left which is named Passage No 3. It ends on the opposite side of the karst tower above Sarawak River.

Many bats and swiftlets live in the cave and the cave is known for the bird's nests of the swiftlets. The cave was also inhabited by humans, archaeological excavations revealed pottery, charcoal, and the shells of marine mussels. Numerous troglobiont species were found in the cave, especially some snails.

Fairy Cave and Wind Cave are located southwest of Bau, about 50 min drive from Kuching City. While the caves are not connected, they are generally guided together on combined half day trips. The 4 hour tours include pick up and drop of at the hotel, transport and guided cave tours.