San Sebastián de las Grutas

Grutas de San Sebastián

Useful Information

Location: 80 km south of Cuilapan on Route 131, 10 km north west of El Vado. A short distance from the main road.
Open: Adults USD 1.50.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Guided tours: L=400 m. Ask for a guide at the Agencia Municpal, next to the church.
Address: San Sebastián de las Grutas.
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The small town San Sebastián de las Grutas was named after the caves, Grutas de San Sebastián. However, the people seem to call the caves now San Sebastián de las Grutas. There are a number of caves in the area, but only tis fossil branch has been opened up for visitors. A roomy cave consisting of a series of five chambers, some up to 70 m high.

In the midlle of the tour a cave river can be seen. This river emerges in a small karst spring at the foot of the hill, named Oyo de Agua (Eye of the Water). The amount of water depends strongly on the season, but the small river makes the valley of San Sebastián de las Grutas fertile. The spring is surrounded by a small forest, many trees grow just in the middle of the river. The area is a public space with trails and benches. It is also the starting point for the trail to the cave entrance.