Kantun Chi Caves

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Location: Federal Highway Cancun-Tulum, km 266.8, Puerto Aventuras, 77734 Playa del Carmen, QR.
Highway 307, Cancun-Tulum, Km. 266.8. Accross the higway from the Barcelo Maya Hotel.
(20.490930, -87.252102)
Open: Winter daily 9-17.
Summer daily 9-18.
Fee: Grotto Adventure + Magical Waters:
Adults MXN 1,729, Children (5-11, 1m-1.4m) MXN 874.
Mexicano: Adults MXN 1,245, Children (5-11, 1m-1.4m) MXN 874.
Inhabitant of Quintana Roo: Adults MXN 787, Children (5-11, 1m-1.4m) MXN 437.
Magical Waters:
Adults MXN 1,191, Children (5-11, 1m-1.4m) MXN 606.
Mexicano: Adults MXN 858, Children (5-11, 1m-1.4m) MXN 606.
Inhabitant of Quintana Roo: Adults MXN 545, Children (5-11, 1m-1.4m) MXN 303.
Four Crossings:
Adults MXN 752, Children (5-11, 1m-1.4m) MXN 410.
Mexicano: Adults MXN 541, Children (5-11, 1m-1.4m) MXN 410.
Inhabitant of Quintana Roo: Adults MXN 370, Children (5-11, 1m-1.4m) MXN 205.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System LightColoured Light
Guided tours: Grotto Adventure + Magical Waters: D=3.5 h, 3 course menu included.
Magical Waters: D=2.5 h, 3 course menu included.
Four Crossings: self guided.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Kantun-Chi Eco Park, Federal Highway Cancun-Tulum, km 266.8, Puerto Aventuras, 77734 Playa del Carmen, QR, Tel: +52-984-271-0681. reservations@kantunchi.com
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Kantun-Chi Eco Park is a private park with four mostly half dome cenotes called Kantun Chi (hence the name), Zaskaleen, Uchil Ha, and Zazil Ha. Zaskaleen is also written Sas ka leen Ha, which means transparent water in Mayan. The cenote is shaped like a crescent moon. Uchil Ha translates ancient water and is the collapse of an almost circular chamber, with water around the walls and a central cone of debris resulting from the collapse. This geometry is not uncommon for such collapses, but here in Yucatan where most cenotes are simply circular shafts with a lake at the bottom, it is deemed extraordinary. Zacil Ha is also Mayan and translates clear water. A hole in the ceiling allows a sun ray to enter the chamber early in the afternoon.

The park offers kayaking, snorkelling and swimming tours in the cenotes, the so-called Grutaventura (Grotto Adventure) tour. This is the reason why this tour is classified a show cave and not a karst spring. The original cave system, now waterfilled, may be visited between two natural entrances, cenotes. The whole cavern is lighted by coloured light, which makes the tour somewhat kitschy. On the other side, it is a great opportunity to see a cave on a self-guided tour while swimming in warm water. There are numerous speleothems, especially stalactites and stalagmites which can be seen above and below water level.

There are two guided tours, which are done by kayak. Kayaks, helmet, mask, snorkel, life jacket and water shoes are provided. There are hammocks, loungers, showers, bathrooms, dressing rooms. The tours also include a 3-course menu, but not the alcoholic beverages. It is necessary to book the tours online in advance. The third tour, Four Crossings, is self-guided. You may cross four cenotes in any way and on any route you like.