Grutas de Garcia

Garcia Caves

Useful Information

Location: 9 km from Villa de Garcia, Sierra del Fraile. Northwest of Monterrey. Exipantla
Open: Adults USD 5.50, includes funicular ride.
Fee: All year daily 9-17.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: Long tour: D=120 min, L=2,000 m.
Short tour: D=45 min, L=1,000 m.
Address: Grutas de Garcia
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1843 discovered by a parish priest, father Juan Antonio de SobreVilla.
2003 cablecar inaugurated.


Grutas de Garcia was named after the nearby town Villa de Garcia. The cave is reached on a road through the Sierra del Fraile. The parking lot with shop is 700 m below the cave entrance, and originally the cave was reached by foot on a steep trail.

Until 2003 there was also a funicular or incline railway running on a single track straight uphill. Two cars were mounted on both ends of a cable, one going up, the other going down, meeting halfway at a short two lane siding. The funicular had several drawbacks, which made the ride a bit adventurous. The cars started horizontal and ended very steep at the upper station. The seats were slanted, but not the doors, so getting in or out at the upper station was very uncomfortable. These were the reasons the funicular was replaced by an aerial cable way.

If you are fit enough, the trail to the cave is an interesting alternative, as you have a really nice view. The path is well-prepared and the walk is rather easy, despite the height difference and the typically high temperatures. A possible combination is to ride up and walk down.

The cave has numerous interesting speleothems, unfortunately some coloured lights make them look a bit mawkishly. Very interesting is a big rock face showing fossilized plants. Other fossils, like shells, can also be seen.