Calcehtok Cave

Aktun Spukil - Xpukil Caves

Useful Information

Location: Opichén
Open: after appointment.
Fee: Per hour MXN 200.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:
Address: Calcehtok Cave, Cuy family, Opichén.
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1875 named Calcehtok Cave.


Calcehtok Cave was named in 1875 after a sculpted stone with the form of a deer. Calcehtok is a combination of the Mayan cal (neck), ceh (deer) and tok (flint). The sculpture was discovered in a cenote which was also the entrance to the cave. The cave is also known as Aktun Spukil or Xpukil Caves.

The cave is entered through the cenote until today. A steel ladder leads down to the level of the cave floor. There are four different tours guided in the cave, the longest includes some two kilometers of galleries. The cave is guided by members of the Cuy family who live in nearby town Opichén.

Inside the caves numerous human remains were found, ceramics, quartzite hammers, and obsidian arrowheads. Typical are the vessels with which the Mayans collected dripping water of the ceilings. After they were left they started to grow sinter and some are today completely covered by a stalagmite. Beneath this pre-hispanic remains there are some much younger ones. The mayan rebels of the Guerra de Castas rebelion left small fences they used as stockades.