Sima de las Cotorras

Useful Information

Location: Ocozocoautla. Follow road 63 north, at the rim of Ocozocoautla turn left on small road to Corinto. In Corinto turn left and after 1.8 km at the fork turn left again. The gravel road reaches the Sima after 4 km. (16°48′29″N, 93°28′28″W)
Open: All year daily.
Fee: Adults MXN 20.
Abseil: Per Person MXN 30.
Rappel: Per Person MXN 750.
Rock painting walk: Per Person MXN 100.
Classification: KarstTiankeng
Light: n/a
Dimension: VR=140 m, L=160 m, W=120 m.
Guided tours:
Address: Sima de las Cotorras, Tel: +52-968 117 8081.
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The Sima de las Cotorras (Cotorras Abyss) is a huge doline or tiankeng. It is located in the nature reserve Selva El Ocote, which is known for otters, green parrots, and jaguars. It is actually named after the green parrots or Cotorras, which live in enormous numbers in the doline, hence the name. As as they have to feed daily, the leave the abyss in the sunrise and return in the sunset, both events are quite spectacular because of the enormous amount of birds. The bird build their nests in the trees on the ground of the doline.

The conditions inside differ from the outside conditions, there is less wind, lower temperature and more humidity. So the vegetation is different. But also there are no natural enemies, and hunting and illegal trafficking of the parakeets was successfully prevented by the 140 m high vertical walls.

The new road and the Hotel Sima de las Cotorras, which was erected at the abyss increased the numbers of visitors substantially. But like show caves actually protect the natural cave behind, the hotel and the abseil trips into the doline offer the possibilioty to see this wonder while reducing the impact as much as possible. Abseiling is only possible during the day while the birds are gone. The birds are actually migrating so the parakeet show depends on the season. The highest amount of birds are seen during March and April. Between May and November the number decreases and December to February there are no bids. They go to warmer places, for example the Arco del Tiempo. Small groups of parrots which stay do not leave the doline. If you want to see the birds leaving at sunset, you have to be at the outlook at sunrise. The easiest way to accomplish this is to stay at the hotel for the night. The return in the evening is easier to see, be there at 16.

The doline as impressive vertical walls, but the rim is actually not vertical. Especially to the southwest is a steep ledge, and there is a trail which leads to small caves and vertical cliffs where the native Zoque left paintings. Here at the southern rim is the visitor center of the Ecoparque. This ecotourism center also contains a 24 h restaurant. They of walking trips to the cave paintings and a 30 m abseil which includes the cave paintings on the walk back to the rim. The tour called Rappel is a 120 m abseil into the doline ad requires physical fitness, especially for the way back up.