Cenote Angelita

Useful Information

Location: 17 km south of Tulum. 5 min walk.
Open: All year daily 8-17.
Fee: 1 tank dive: USD 100.
2 tank dive: USD 130.
Private Tour 1 tank dive: USD 170.
Includes transportation from Dive Shop to Cenote.
Classification: KarstCenote
Light: no
Guided tours:
Address: Cenote Angelita, Tel: +52-984-8030809, USA Tel: +1-954-3238227, Canada Tel: +1-604-4845104.
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Cenote Angelita (little angel) is a dive site for advanced divers. It is a very deep cenote going town 60 m, with the halocline (border sweet/salt water) at a depth of 33 m. The dives are going down 40 m. Rotting plants in the cenote create hydrogen sulfide which also forms a layer in the halocline. This layer is like a fog and actually smells bad, not that it matters with the scuba gear. You must be certified as an Advanced Diver and logged at least 20 dives. This is a great location to train decompression diving under the guidance of your local instructor.