Seongnyu Gul

Songnyugul Cave

Useful Information

Location: Ulchin-gun, Kyangsangbuk-do. From Tong Seoul Bus Terminal take a Ulchin-bound bus, 6:30. At Ulchin Bus Terminal take a city bus to Sangnyugul Cave, 20min.
Open: APR to OCT daily 8-18.
Fee: Adults WAN 2,200, Children WAN 1,100.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave
Light: electric.
Guided tours:  
Address: Songnyugul Cave, Gusan-ri Gunam-myon Uljin-gun Gyeongbuk-do, Tel: +82-54-782-4006, Fax: +82-565-785-6466.
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1592-1598 during the Japanese invasion a Buddhist statue was sheltered in the cave.
designated Natural Monument No. 155.
1963 opened to the public as a show cave, first show cave of Korea.


Seongnyu Gul was named after a Buddhist statue that was sheltered there during the Japanese invasion of 1592-1598. It is Korea's first show cave.

This is a river cave, the river could once only be crossed by boat. The river forms five pools along the path.

The chambers of the tour are numbered, twelve of them are visited. Most impressive are the last two chambers with their extraordinary speleothems. The 11th chamber is called Sambulsang because its speleothems look as if three Buddhas were standing in line. The 12th chamber contains Pomuls am (Treasure Island) a spectacular array of extremely clear and bright stalagmites and stalactites.