Ryusen Cave - Dragon Spring Cave

Useful Information

Location: Iwaizumi-tyo.
Open: JAN to APR daily 8:30-17.
MAY to 12-AUG daily 8:30-18.
13-AUG to 08-SEP daily 8-18.
09-SEP to SEP daily 8:30-18.
OCT to DEC daily 8:30-17.
Fee: Adults JPY 1000, High School JPY 1000, Elemetary School JPY 500, Children (0-6) free.
Groups (15+): Adults JPY 880, High School JPY 630, Elemetary School JPY 370.
Groups (100+): Adults JPY 810, High School JPY 560, Elemetary School JPY 310.
Groups (200+): Adults JPY 750, High School JPY 500, Elemetary School JPY 250.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=500m.
Guided tours: Ryusen-do: D=30min. New Cave: D=10min.
Address: Ryusen-do, 027 - 0501 Iwaizumi-tyo, Tel: +81-194-22-2566.
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1967 New Cave discovered.


Ryusen-do (Dragon Spring Cave) is named after its underground river. The cave is first entered at her dry part, with several fine speleothems. After 500m at the far end a sump is reached. The sumps have been partially explored by cave divers, but they are too deep for further exploration. The third is 98m deep and the fourth more than 120m. A tunnel allows visitors to reach the chamber behind the third siphon and see the extremely clear blue water.

A second cave is called New Cave, as it was discovered in 1967. This is a cave of great archaeological interest. It is entered through an artificial tunnel and shows dioramas of the prehistoric people who lived in the cave.