Museo Nazionale Etrusco

Useful Information

Location: Via Porsenna, 93, 53043 Chiusi SI.
A1 exit Casello di Chiusi-Chianciano Terme, turn right on SP146, 3 km to Chiusi. Chiusi is a small town with very limited parking, there is a huge communal parking at the northern rim, 5 minutes walk to any location in town.
Tomba Pellegrina/Leone: 3 km from the historic centre, towards Lake Chiusi.
Tomba Scimmia: 3 km from the historic centre, towards Lake Chiusi.
Tomba Colle: 1.5 km from the historic centre, towards municipal cemetery.
(43.016006, 11.949306)
Open: Museo Nazionale Etrusco:
All year Mon-Sat 9-20, Sun 9-14.
Tomba Pellegrina/Leone:
MAR to OCT daily 11, 16.
NOV to FEB daily 11, 14:30.
Tomba Scimmia:
MAR to OCT Tue, Thu, Sat 11, 16:00.
NOV to FEB Tue, Thu, Sat 11, 14:30.
Tomba Colle:
MAR to OCT Fri 12, 17.
NOV to FEB 1st+3rd Fri 12, 15:30.
Fee: Museo Nazionale Etrusco: Adults EUR 6, Adults (18-25) EUR 2, Children (0-17) free, Reduced EUR 2.
Tomba Pellegrina/Leone: Included in the museum fee.
Tomba Scimmia: Adults EUR 3, Children (0-18) free.
Tomba Colle: Adults EUR 3, Children (0-18) free.
Classification: SubterraneaCave Tomb
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: Museo Nazionale Etrusco: self guided.
Tomba Pellegrina/Leone: Min=4.
Tomba Scimmia: Min=4, Max=25.
Tomba Colle: Min=4, Max=25.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Museo Nazionale Etrusco, Via Porsenna, 17 – 53043 Chiusi, Tel: +39-0578-20177. E-mail:
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1871 Museo Nazionale Etrusco established.
1901 moved into the neoclassical building where it is today.
2003 exhibition restructured.


The Museo Nazionale Etrusco (National Etruscan Museum) is quite interesting for its pre-Roman exhibits, but we listed it for its underground structures. The city of Chiusi is actually hollowed out by tunnels since Etruscan times, and some early structures can be found under the museum. They were closed due to the Pandemic, but we guess they will be soon reopened. There are numerous tombs in the area, four are open to the public, which are visited on thre different tours. They are located between three and 15 km from the city Chiuso, but as they have actually no open hours and no ticket office, it is necessary to make a reservation, then buy the ticket at the National Etruscan Museum, and then go to the tomb.

Tomba della Pellegrina (Pilgrim Tomb) was excavated during the Hellenistic age. Tomba del Leone (Lion Tomb) The Tomba del Leone and the Tomba della Scimmia are both located in the Necropoli di Poggio Renzo. Tomba della Scimmia (Tomb of the Monkey) from the 5th century BC Tomba del Colle (Tomb of the Hill) has frescoes which show an Etruscan banquet.

The museum is also sometimes called the Museo archeologico nazionale di Chiusi (National Archaeological Museum of Chiusi). The exhibits include the finds of archaeological excavations from the Iron Age to the Lombard age.