Grotta Delle Torri Slivia

Pejca v Lascu

Useful Information

Location: Motorway A4 Venice–Trieste exit Sistiana Sesljan. Turn left on SP1 towards Aurisina/Nabrežina. After about 1 km turn left on SP31 towards the village of Slivia. The cave is after 700 m. Signposted.
Open: MAR to 15-JUN Sat, Sun, Hol 10:30, 14, 15:30.
16-JUN to 15-SEP daily 10:30, 12, 14, 15:30.
16-SEP to OCT Sat, Sun, Hol 10:30, 14, 15:30.
NOV Sat, Sun, Hol 10:30, 14.
Fee: Adults EUR 10, Children (4-12) EUR 7, Children (0-3) free.
Groups (15+): Adults EUR 7, School Pupils EUR 6, booking mandatory.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=554 m, T=6-9 °C, H=90%.
Guided tours: D=75 min, Steps=400,
Photography: Allowed without flash.
Accessibility: No (steps)
Address: Grotta Delle Torri Slivia, Azienda Agricola Le Torri di Slivia s.s.di Corrado e Roberta Greco, Aurisina Cave 62/A, 34011 Duino-Aurisina (TRIESTE), P.IVA 01031470329. Tel: +39-338-351-5876. E-mail:
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06-JAN-1885 exploerd by the Società degli Alpinisti Triestini.
01-MAY-2012 cave reopened after 40 years.


The Grotta delle Torri di Slivia (Cave of the Towers of Silvia) was named because of its majestic stalagmites (towers). This was on 06-JAN-1885, when the first official expedition of speleologists into the cave took place. The Società degli Alpinisti Triestini, the local chapter of the Österreichischer Alpenverein (Austrian Alpine Mountaineering Club), was not only doing moutaineering, but also exploring the local caves. This cave had been known for a long time and called Pejca v Lascu by the Slovenian speaking locals. There was a huge depression, a doline, and at the bottom was the entrance to the cave.

This was one of the first caves which was scientifically explored at all in the Kras. The cave registry, which has more than 3000 entries today, uses ascending numbers for the listed caves, and this cave has the number 20. From the beginning the cave was noted for its wealth of speleothems.

The namesake stalagmites of the cave are up to 7 m high and have a weight of up to 10 tons. A group of eight such giants is the main attraction of the cave.

Nearby is the farm Azienda Agricola Le Torri di Slivia, which was actually named after the cave. The farm property includes the cave, and is owned by Corrado and Roberta Greco. This is the only privately managed tourist cave in Italy.

The cave tour begins at the ticket office with a short Agrobus ride, that's how they call a tractor with a modified agricultural trailer. The cave entrance is reached in a few minutes, and for most visitors, especially the kids, the ride is much fun. To enter the cave there is a long staircase with 200 steps. The cave tour itself is more or less horizotal, but then you have to climb up the 200 steps and ride the Agrobus back to your car.