Grotta Giusti Terme

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Location: Hotel Grotta Giusti, Monsumano Terme, between Lucca and Pistola. Leave autostrada E26 Firenze-Pisa at exit Montecatini Terme. 65 km west of Firenze
Open: Hotel MAR-
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=34 °C.
Guided tours: Dive: D=60 min, Depth=20 m, L=200 m.
Accessibility: yes
Address: Hotel: Grotta Giusti Terme & Hotel, Via Grotta Giusti 1411, 51015 Monsummano Terme, Tel: +39-0572-90771, Fax: +39-0572-9077200. E-mail: contact
Diving: MeDIT - Grotta Giusti Diving, Marco Maccioni Tel: +39-0335-5931717 or +39-0573-452265, Luciano Taini, Tel: +39-0336-534508, Silvia Mochi, Tel: +39-0338-6050637, Fax: +39-0573-964426, E-mail: contact
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1849 discovered by working men of a lime quarry.


Grotta Giusti Terme is the name of the cave and the hotel. The cave with its thermal spring is used for bathing and is part of the hotel area. A visit of the bath is typically combined with a stay at the hotel, at least if bathing is the main goal.

A special highlight of the cave is cave diving in the warm water. It is possible to book a package including hotel stay and diving, or to go directly to the diving center. The dive includes an explanation of the special situation in the cave and an introductory video tape.

When the cave was discovered, several people visited the strange cave with its warm water. The story goes, that one visitor had had articular pains for years which disappeared after the cave visit. This news spread fast, and soon many visitors came to the cave in search for a cure. Physicians studied this phenomenon and proved the clinical use of the warm spring. Domenico Giusti, the trustee of one of the richest families of the area, who owned this place, decided to build treatment rooms, the predecessor of the hotel of today.

The cave has three sections, with increasing heat from the entrance to the hot spring. They are called Paradise, Purgatory and Hell. The water temperature is 36 °C, the air temperature ranges from 31 °C to 34 °C. The humidity is 100%.