Il Pulo

Pulo di Altamura

Useful Information

Location: Near Altamura.
From Altamura center follow road SS96 Via Bari towards Bari. Turn left into Via Mura Megalitiche, after 50m turn right into Via Vecchia Buoncammino. At crossing after 600m stay on this road (keep left). 6.1km on this road towards north, turn left 1km to the doline. Road end at huge parking lot. Not signposted, but in the dry plain is the doline visible from far.
(40°53'24.73"N, 16°34'9.92"E)
Open: no restrictions [2007]
Fee: free [2007]
Classification: KarstDoline
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=530m, W=430m, VR=85m.
Guided tours: after appointment by Visite Guidate Coop., Archè a r.l., Tel. +39-080-3149622.
Address: Tel:
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Il Pulo (also Pulo di Altamura) is a huge hole in the ground, a KarstDoline which was formed by the collapse of a cave beneath. Located in a vegetation-less plain, it looks like a meteor crater, similar to the Meteor Crater in Arizona. But it is definitely a much different way of formation. And with a close look this becomes clear: there are cliffs on the opposite side of the doline, obviously with karst caves and speleothems. To the west there is a sort of valley leading into the doline. It seems at some times of the year a small rivulet is flowing into the doline and vanished through the collapse debris into the cave below.