Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Buddhist Caves

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Location: 12 km from Lonaviala and about 126 km south east of Bombay on the main railway line to Pune. Alight at Malavali railway station and take the road south to the caves which are about a 3 km away.
(18.728393, 73.481546)
Fee: Foreigners USD 5, Indians Rs 5, Video camera Rs 25.
Classification: SubterraneaCave Church
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Address: Bhaja Caves, Bhaje Caves Road, District, near Bhaja Village, Maval, Lonavla, Maharashtra 412106, Tel: +91-, Fax: +91-,
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200 BC caves excavated.


It is a 3 km walk or ride up the hill to the 18 Bhaja Caves. Cave No 12, a chaitya similar in style to the Karla Cave, is the most important. About 50 m past this is a strange group of 14 stupas, (domed shaped pagodas) five inside and nine outside. The last cave on the south side has some fine sculptures, including the famous Dancing Couple.

Text by Tony Oldham (2003). With kind permission.