Liss Ard

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Location: Near Skibbereen, West Cork.
Open: All year daily. [2007]
Fee: Liss Ard House: Weekly EUR 5,080.
Lake Lodge: Weekly EUR 7,620.
Classification: Artwork
Light: n/a
Guided tours:
Address: Liss Ard, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Ireland, Tel: +353-28-40000, Fax: +353-28-40001. E-mail: contact
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1924 garden founded.
1992 Irish Sky Garden created.


Liss Ard Gardens is sort of modern garden, an experiment in the country of traditional garden architecture. A garden created by modern artists, financed by its guest houses and regular music events. The 200-acre estate has two hotels, the Georgian Liss Ard House and the Victorian Liss Ard Lake Lodge. Once a full-service hotel and extensively covered in magazines, it was a retreat for numerous celebrities, including Oasis, Lou Reed, Van Morrison, Patti Smith and Nick Cave. It was also a location for photo shootings.

The garden is segmented into four elements: stone, wood, sky, and water. One of them, sky, was designed by the American artist James Turrell. He is famous for the Roden Crater in Arizona.

Irish Sky Garden is a hill with a doorway, at least it seems so. The visitor walks underground through the rim of an artificial crater and reaches a stair. Up the stairs and through the sky portal one stands in the center of a steep grassy crater. This is a modern version of the old celtic stone fort, an inverted tumulus, a sky observatory, and an artwork. A great place for meditation.

This is not the kind of thing we normally list on But the subterranean part of the artword is such a vital and substancial part of the structure that we had to list it.