Anna Barlang

Anna Mésztufabarlang - Anna Cave

Useful Information

Location: Lillafüred, Bükk mountains North-East Hungary. Car park next to Lake Hámori (250 m from the cave), or at the upper car park at Lillafüred (600 m from the cave). Entrance at the bottom of the Terraced Gardens under the Hotel Palota, next to the Szinva Waterfalls.
Open: 15-APR to 15-OCT daily 10-16.
Tour every hour, at least 6 persons.
Fee: Adults HUF 750, Children (6-16) HUF 500, Children (3-5) HUF 150, Children (0-2) free, Seniors HUF 500.
Classification: SpeleologyTufa cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=570 m.
Guided tours: L=208 m, D=30 min. V=20,000/a [2000]
Address: The Bükk National Park Directorate, H-3304 Eger, Sánc u. 6., or H-3301 P.O. Box. 116, Tel: +36-36-422700, +36-36-411581, Fax: +36-36-412791. E-mail: contact
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1927 opened to the public.


Anna Barlang (Anna Cave) is located in the small town Lillafüred, in a park with a waterfall. It is a small tufa cave, a primary cave which was formed by the deposition of the tufa from limestone rich water. A 40 m thick travertine deposit was built up by the Garadna Stream during the last 150,000-200,000 years, but only in the warm perods between the Ice Ages. Pine needles, twigs, and mosses which have been encrusted by the limestone form very special fossils. The limestone crust is a perfect negative of the original plant while the plant itself is long rotten away.

The cave was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, when a 94 m long water tunnel was dug. The Hungarian poet Sándor Petöfi opened the cave, but it was soon forgotten. When the Palace Hotel was built above, 34 small cavern were connected and opened as a show cave in 1927.