Vranjska Draga

Vela Draga

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Location: A8 Tunel Učka
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
Guided tours:
Address: Ucka Nature Park Public Institution, Liganj 42, HR-51415 Lovran, Tel: + 385-51-293753, Fax: + 385-51-293751. E-mail: contact
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Vranjska draga (Vranjska Canyon) is a result of the collision of the European and African plates. The limestone was formed by sedimentation, a result of continual subsidence which was the first movement caused by the plate tectornics. Then the direction changed, the limestone was uplifted and got cracks in this process. The cracks were widened by flowing water and erosion created this enormous gorge. As always with limestone, it is also connected with the development of karst and caves.

The 100 m high cliffs of the Vranjska draga are a popular climbing area. In 1931 the famous Italian alpinist Emilio Comici created the first alpine route on the Big Tower. It was named Comici Edge. Today there are 60 official climbing routes.

The gorge is crossed by the A8 road, actually the 5062 m long Tunel Učka ends in the gorge, then the road was built through one on the narrow limestone towers and crosses the other side of the gorge in another much smaller tunnel. To reach the gorge leave the road at the toll station, follow road 500 to the east and part at the parking lot. There are interpretetive signs explaining the trails and climbing routes through the gorge.