La Caverna de Chicoy

Cueva Chicoy - Chicoy Cave

Useful Information

Location: 1 km off Cobán-Guatemala highway at km 169, 4km north of Purulha. From Cobán take a bus to Guatemala or Purulha and ask the driver to let you off at Finca Chicoy.
Fee: Adults Q5.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
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La caverna de Chicoy is a natural cathedral, with a collapse in the roof about 60m in diameter. Flashlights are not needed, as the cave is lighted by daylight. The area around the entrance is covered by rain forest, and in the morning the mist from the forest filters the light in a phantastic way. The mist vanishes at around 11am, destroyed by the rays of the sun, which now shines into the hole, lighting huge stalagmites on the floor up to 15m tall.

The cave is said to be a esoteric place, with strange magnetic fields and strong vibrations. The Mayans are said to have used the cave of Chicoy for healing and making wishes. There are Mayan altars in the cave, which are still used. One important Mayan ritual is the ceremony Cuaxaquib Batz (8 Monkey) marking the beginning of the 260-day sacred year.

The path into the cave is sometimes slippery. Good shoes are recommended. There are public latrines and a picnic area below the cave.