Cavern Club

Useful Information

Location: 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool
Open: All year Mon-Wed 11-18, Thu 11-02, Fri, Sat 11-02:30, Sun 11-00:30. [2006]
Fee: depend on gig, pub free. [2006]
Classification: SubterraneaCellar
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: n/a
Address: Cavern Club, Cavern City Tours Ltd., Liverpool L2 6RE, Tel: +44-151-236-1965 (12:00-21:00).
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16-JAN-1957 opened by Alan Sytner.
09-NOV-1961 Brian Epstein introduced to the Beatles.
MAR-1973 original club closed.
destroyed during construction work on the Merseyrail underground rail loop.
1984 taken over by Tommy Smith, a former soccer player of Liverpool F.C., re-built next to the original Cavern.


The Cavern Liverpool. Public Domain.

This is a website about caves and cavern, and we are true Beatles fans too. So we were convinced to include the cavern, although it isn't. A cavern we mean.

The Cavern Club is not a cavern, but an underground rock and roll club, dubbed The Most Famous Club in the World. It is the place, where the Beatles made their first appearance in 1961, after they had returned to Liverpool from Hamburg, Germany. From 1961 to 1963 The Beatles made 292 appearances at the club. Here they first met their future manager Brian Epstein in 1961.

During its half century of existance a wide variety of popular acts appeared at the club. This includes The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, The Kinks,Elton John, The Who and John Lee Hooker.

The Cavern Club is located in a series of underground cellars. The were used during World War II as air raid shelters. This is the reason, why they could be transformed into a club in 1957, many aspects of a public space like lavatories and sufficient entrances was alread prepared.