Site néolithique de Sigoniac

Grotte de Sigoniac

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Location: Sigoniac, Molières
Open: APR to 01-NOV Mon, Wed-Sun 10-18.
School Holidays daily 10-18.
MAR after appointment.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided
Address: Site néolithique de Sigoniac, 24480 Molières, Tel: +33-553-272511.
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The Site Néolithique de Sigoniac (Neolithic site of Sigoniac) is located near the Medieval stronghold Sigoniac and the Sigoniac pond. The excavations revealed a fortified neolithic settlement, some 50 m in diameter. There are numerous remains of foundations, including a channel for the fresh water from the spring. The Grotte de Sigoniac are three underground rooms on the site, which were modified several times during history. The cave was discovered during the excavation of the site. It has engravings, which originate from various times. The excavated stone age tools are on display in the main hall of the stronghold.

The stronghold was errected during the 13th century. At this time maisons fortes (fortified houses, domus fortis) were built by the chevaliers (knigts) of the time, with rights of high and low justice. They were the center of the clearing and development of the area. The reason to choose this place was the same as in neolithic times, the existence of a valuable source of fresh water.