Grottes de Carpe Diem

Useful Information

Location: 55 A Le Moulin de Peyre, 24620 Manaurie/Les Eyzies.
At Manaurie, 7 km from Les Eyzies.
(44.9578518, 0.9836883)
Open: closed.
Fee: closed.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: L=200m
Address: Grottes de Carpe Diem, 55 A Le Moulin de Peyre, 24620 Manaurie/Les Eyzies, Tel: +33-5-53069107.
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The Grottes de Carpe Diem was named after the Latin phrase Carpe Diem, meaning Seize the Day. It is from a poem by Horace and has become an aphorism. The cave with this extraordinary name is a small karst cave with many speleothems. Despite its location close to Les Eyzies, it is not a prehistoric cave.

The cave has been used as a show cave since the early 20th century, but is closed at the moment. Actually, it is closed for several years now and looks long abandoned. Unfortunately, it is still listed on many tourist cave inventories.