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Show Cave, Kubacher Kristallhöhle, Germany
Show Mine, Grube Fortuna, Germany.
Subterranea, Langenfeld, Germany. is a website dedicated to underground tourist sights all over the World. It started as a list of show caves hence the name, and still most subterranean tourist spots are actually show caves or tourist caves. But in some countries there are even more closed or still working mines which offer tourist visits. And then there are other underground sites like cellars, bunkers, tunnels, casemates and so forth. Finally, we included geologic sites connected with caves, like springs and resurgences, dolines, swallow holes, and even gorges. We list all of them.

The official website of the respective tourist sight is normally much more detailed than our pages, and most likely more up to date. So our main goals are to offer an overview, what exists, to provide basic information, if possible with open hours and fee, and a short description without marketing adulation. If we recommend a site it's because it is actually interesting. We have no commercial interests, so we can truthfully tell you if it's great or if it's a waste of time. So the major ideas of this website are:

How do I find a certain site?

You will find links to those indexes at the foot of every page. The header of every page links back to the overview pages.

Do you distinguish between caves and mines?

We have categorized the sites in seven categories, so if you are interested in caves you can ignore mines and subterranea easily. If you do not know the difference, follow the links to get brief explanations.

This was the short introduction into this website. We promised you a two-minute introduction. But if you want to know a little more, we have some more for you: