Caves are natural voids underground, large enough to be visited by man.

In the show cave ShowcaveLaichinger Tiefenhöhle.

This site is specialized on easy and comfortable to visit caves! Most comfortable are show caves, where paved paths and electric light allow everybody to discover the beauty of the underground. The Greek letter Omega is the symbol for caves, you will find this symbol many times on this site and it always means a natural cave.

You will find two different categories of caves on


Show Caves

Show Caves are caves which are open to the public. This sort of caves is also called commercial caves or tourist caves. They have (electric) light, comfortable paths, guided tours and open hours. You will have to pay a fee. Those are the caves visited by tourists.


Wild Caves

Other caves are also called Wild Caves. They can be very dangerous to visit, and it is often very dangerous for the cave if too many people visit it. For both reasons, safety and environmental protection, we list only two types of wild caves:

an easy to visit "wild" cave: CaveSchiller Cave, Germany.

Caves, which are easy to visit

They have no light and no regular guided tours, but you need little equipment like good shoes and light (electric torch) to visit them. Some of those caves are even part of a trail, a public footpath, or there is some sort of inofficial trail through the cave. Nevertheless, you should read the comments about cave trekking and use your brain when visiting one of those caves.

Caves, which are famous and important

Some caves are fascinating, or provide a superlative of some kind. Some have a famous history, others contain extraordinary speleothems. All of them are generally not open to the public and some of them are dangerous. Many cavers try to protect the caves and the naive visitor by concealing information, especially the location.
We do not give locations either, but have another way to protect them: we use our cave description to explain, why it is not a good idea to visit those caves, so you understand the dangers. And we try to answer all the questions of interested people with our page, hoping to satisfy your curiosity. We believe in the responsibility of people, please refrain from entering those caves!