Museu de Temàtica Espeleològica

Useful Information

Location: Carrer Maurici Serrahima 19, Barcelona.
(41.405649, 2.152142)
Open: Closed on Catalunya Day (11-SEP), Our Lady of Mercy Celebrations (24-SEP). [2005]
Classification: Speleological museum
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Address: Museu de Temàtica Espeleològica, Carrer Maurici Serrahima 19, E-08012 Barcelona, Tel: +34-
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Skeleton of a prehistoric Cave Bear (Ursus spelaeus) in the Barcelona Mammoth Museum, 2011 Català: Casa Puigxuriguer (Casa de la Custòdia), ara Museu del Mamut. C. Montcada, 1 - c. Assaonadors, 2-8 - plta. Marcús (Barcelona) English: The Barcelona Mammoth Museum is museum of paleontology opened in 2010 in Barcelona, at the Montcada street. It houses a collection of prehistoric animal skeletons and other remains as well as life-size animal reproductions. The exhibits were brought together with prehistoric remains excavated during expeditions in the Americas, Canada and Russia