Cova d'en Xeroni

Cueva d'en Xeroni

Useful Information

Location: PM-820-2, 6, 07871 Sant Ferran.
Between San Ferran and La Mola, south of Sant Ferran. From the main road of the island, turn off at kilometre 6.3, opposite the supermarket Ofiusa.
(38.701406, 1.461631)
Open: closed.
Fee: closed.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: Ar=700 m², T=22 °C
Guided tours:  
Address: Cova d'en Xeroni, PM-820-2, 6, 07871 Sant Ferran, Islas Baleares,
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1975 dicovered by digging a well.
2018 cave closed.


The cave is a very recent find, discovered when the owner of the land and the house above was digging a well. He realized the value of the cave and opened it for tourists. The well was dug only a few meters away.

This cave is a single huge cavern, filled with speleothems. The cave is very close to the surface, at some places there is only one metre of limestone to the surface. The roots of plants are hanging from the ceiling.