Cueva De Valporquero

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Location: Near the town Valporquero. 45km from León. From León follow the Torío river to Felmín, then turn left 5km to Valporquero.
Open: APR-MAY, OCT-NOV Fri-Sun, Hol 10-17. JUN-SEP daily 10-14, 16-19.
Fee: Adults 700pts, Children (6-14), Card holders of "Carné Joven", Groups 450pts. Schools (after appointment) 350pts.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: electric.
Dimension: A=1,309m asl, T=7°C, H=99%, L=3,120m.
Guided tours: D=75min, L=2,000m. V=70,000/a [2000]
Address: Cueva de Valporquero, Diputacion Provincial de Leon, Plaza de Regla s/n, 24071 Leon, Tel: +34-987-292243, Fax: +34-987-240600 E-mail: contact or E-mail: contact
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1966 opened to the public.


Cueva de Valporquero, named after the nearby town of Valporquero, is located in the Los Argüellos mountains, close to the Torío river, who formed the gorge of Hoces de Vegacervera. This valley is an important route into the mountains and the river is the drainage of this karst area. The cave is located at the northern end of the gorge.

The cave is famous for numerous speleothems.