Gruta de Arbedales

Cuevas de Arbedales

Useful Information

Location: Pillarno, Castrillón, Asturias.
Motorway A8 E70 exit 408 Grado Aviles Oeste, in roundabout on CT2 to Pillarno.
(43.519785, -5.989899)
Open: All year Tue-Sun 11:30-13, 17-20.
Tours every half hour.
Fee: Adults Eur 7, Children EUR 1.50.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Devonian limestone
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=14 °C.
Guided tours: D=20 min, Ar=600 m², Min=2.
Photography: no
Accessibility: no
Address: Gruta de Arbedales, Moire, 6, 33456 Pillarno, Tel: +34-985-507-195, Cell: +34-603-682-491. E-mail:
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10-DEC-1963 discovered by Manuel del Busto.


The Gruta de Arbedales (Cave of Arbedales) was discovered in 1963 by Manuel del Busto when he was working in an abandoned quarry to extract limestone. He protected it with a door and developed it as a show cave, and he was the first cave guide. Today the cave is operated by his son Alberto del Busto. The cave has a huge chamber which is 20 m high and numerous speleothems. Shallow rimstone pools cover a huge part of the floor, the rims are only a few centimeter high, but the interior is full of calcite crystals.

The owner inherited the cave from his father, who discovered it and developed it as a show cave. Numerous comments on the web mention the high entrance fee. We understand why he has such a high fee, the money is obviously necessary to finance the maintenance and the electricity. Caves are expensive and the cave has not enough visitors, as the small cave is only of local fame. We guess he is working many hours unpaid for the maintenance of the cave. So we recommend interpreting the fee as a donation for the protection of the cave.