Thüringisch-Fränkische Schieferstraße

The Thüringisch-Fränkische Schieferstraße (Thuringian-Franconian Slate Route) is a 96 km long tourist theme road and runs - as the name suggests - through Thuringia and Franconia. It leads from Steinach, the former centre of slate stylus production, right through the Thuringian Slate Mountains and a bit through the Franconian Forest. There is both a version for the car and a hiking route. Slate as a mined raw material is definitely on our track. However, this themed route is a little more comprehensive, and so only two of the five stops are listed with us. This is simply because the two museums deal with slate, though not the extraction but the use, and the Lotharheil slate works is still in operation. So you can't visit the quarry, but you can visit a shop where various slate-based products are sold.

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