Urgeschichtliches Museum in Blaubeuren

Stone Age Museum in Blaubeuren

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a stone age man with his son.
Location: In Blaubeuren. 16 km W Ulm at the B28. A8 exit Merklingen, Machtolsheim. From Ulm Exit Blaubeurer Ring, B28. (74,Ke58)
Open: Winter (NOV to MAR) Tue, Sat 14-17, Sun 10-17. Summer (APR to OCT) Tue-Sun, Hol 10-17.
The winter/summer border changes each year, see official website for more details.
Fee: Adults EUR 2,50, Children (8-18) EUR 1,50, Reduced EUR 1,50, Family EUR 7.
Group (8+): Adults EUR 2, Children (8-18) EUR 1, Reduced EUR 1.
Guided tours: after appointment
Address: Urgeschichtliches Museum, Karlstr. 21, 89143 Blaubeuren, Tel: +49-7344-9286-0, Fax: +49-7344-9286-15. E-mail: contact
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a stone age tribe living in a cave in the Blau valley.

The Stone Age Museum in Blaubeuren shows numerous finds from Early and Middle Stone Age, primarly from the cave of Blau and Lone valleys. In the last years experimental archaeology became an important field of research for the museum.

The museum is owned by the city of Blaubeuren, the scientific background is provided by the Institut für Urgeschichte (institute for Prehistory) at the Universität Tübingen (University of Tübingen). Backbone of the museum is the collection of the geologist and archaeologist Gustav Riek.

archaeological excavations in the nearby Brillenhöhle.

The museum was renovated completely some years ago, and today it houses one of the best collections about Life during Stone Age in south German. Impressive are numerous dioramas showing scenes of every days life in the Stone Age. Changing Exhibitions about prehistory and speleology are made. Guided walks to the prehistoric sites in the Blau and Aach valley are held regularly. And every year a cave hike is held, which allows everybody to walk a round course and visit all the sites, which are open for this day with scientists making tours and answering questions.

The Oldest Cave Paintings of the World

In the cave Geißenklösterle the oldest cave paintings of the world were discovered. They are dated to be 33.000 to 36.000 years old. The paintings were removed from the cave and are now on display in the museum. They are illuminated with a special light which contains no ultraviolet rays, to protect the colors from decay.

Many wisitors are disappointed by the unimposing paintings. But the real worth of them is not quality or beauty, but the fact that man in this early period had the idea to use color,