Yangling Museum

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Location: Xi'an
Guided tours:
Address: Yangling Museum.
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1990 start of excavations.
MAR-2006 underground museum opened.


The main sight of the new Yangling Museum is the two-thousand-year-old Yangling Mausoleum. The final resting place of Han Dynasty emperor Jingdi dates to the 2nd century BC. In the tomb a huge number of relics was found which reflects the prosperity of the time. Ten tomb chambers of the mausoleum are so far excavated, but there are more to come.

The museum is located underground in order to minimize impact on the landscape. Located beneath the mausoleum it covers an area of nearly 8,00m². The tomb is protected by the museum and some of the best relics from the tomb are on display at the museum. Exhibits include pottery wares, terra cotta sculptures, and jewelry.

Yangling Museum is the country's first and only underground museum. It is a new museum, not the famous Han Yangling Museum which shows the findings from the grave of the first emperor of the Han dynasty. This museum was opened in 1999, is above ground, and shows the famous army of terra cotta warriors.