Gurugem Phuk

Gurugem Cave

Useful Information

Location: In the cliff above the rebuilt monastery of Gurugem, Garuda Valley, Tsaparang, Ngari province, Western Tibet. (31°7'53"N, 80°38'31"E)
Open: All year daily after appointment.
Fee: free, donations wellcome.
Classification: SubterraneaCave Church
Light: natural light through window
Bibliography: Charles Allen (1999): The Search for Shangri-La / A journey into Tibetan History, Little, Brown & Co, London.
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8th century Gyerpung Drenpa Namka lived in this cave.
1989 monastery of Gurugem rebuilt.


Gurugem Phuk is a meditation cave close to Gurugem Gompa, the monastery of Gurugem. The present Abbot of the monastery, Rinpoche Tenzin Wangduk, allows pilgrims to visit this shrine. It is also said he lives in the cave in the hills above the monastery.

During the eighth century, Bön master Gyerpung Drenpa Namka lived in this cave. In following centuries the greatest Bön healers also lived in the cave. Bön is the oldest spiritual tradition of Tibet, a shamanistic and animistic tradition of the Himalaya, older than the Buddhism which became popular during the 7th century.