Jing Dong Da Rong Dong

Capitol East Grand Cavern - Jingdong Karst Cave

Useful Information

Location: Village of Hei Dou Yu Cun (Black Bean Gorge Village), in Ping Gu Xian (Ping Gu County), Beijing Province. East side of Heidouyu Village, Huangsongyu Township. About 100 km from the capital Beijing [Peking :-) ] Signposted.
Fee: Adults CNY 65. [2020]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System LightColoured Light
Dimension: L=2,500m
Guided tours: D=90 min.
Bibliography: Dan Hoyt (2001): China - A Show Cave in Beijing, Speleo Digest 2001 National Speleological Society, 484 pp illus., pp 268.
Dan Hoyt (2001): A Show Cave in Beijing, The Massachusetts Caver, January-February 2001, Vol. XX, No.1, pp 6-7.
Address: Jingdong Great Dissolving Cave Scenic Area, Beijing, Pinggu District, 015 County Rd, : 101201, Tel: +86 10 6097 1708
Jing Dong Da Rong Dong, Hei Dou Yu Cun, Tel: +86-60971708.
Complaints, Tel: +86-89991622.
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1966 discovered.
1998 opened to the public.


Jing Dong Da Rong Dong is named after its location: located 90 km east of Beijing city proper its name literally means “Grand Cave East of Beijing”. The cave is entered through a 140 m long artificial tunnel. The tour includes eight chambers and a 100 m boat trip. The chamber have, quite common for China, really kitschy names like “Fairyland in Penglai”, “Spring Rain in Southern China”, “Water Curtain Cave”, “Heavenly Torch” and so on. Also, it has the mandatory coloured light. More interesting for geologically interested visitors are the flinstone nodules in the soft limestone walls. They are weathered from the rock and look like ginger roots.