Hei Shan Gou

Black Mountain Valley

Useful Information

Fee: Adults Y 60.
Cable Car: Adults Y 20.
Electric Bus: Adults Y 20.
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
Guided tours: D=4 h, self guided.
Address: Hei Shan Gou, Tel: +86-, Fax: +86-,
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Hei Shan Gou is a narrow gorge with a wooden plank bridge built through the gorge right in the middle of the river. The gorge is entered at the south gate, where a cable car starts bringing the visitors down into the valley. There the leisure walk across suspension bridges, through two very different valleys and narrow gorges starts. The walk also includes waterfalls, beautiful vegetation, butterflies and birds. Where the two valleys meet is a picknick area where food is sold. Leaving the gorge at the northern end, there is an electric bus bringing visitors to the north gate.

Cable car and commuter bus are optional, there is also the possibility to walk the same portion. So if you plan to spend at least half a day in beautiful nature we would recommend walking, but if you have more things on your itinerary and want to save time (or effort) we recommend cable car and bus. Both are not included in the park entrance fee.