Eispalast Jungfraujoch

Useful Information

Eispalast Jungfraujoch. Public Domain.
Location: Jungfraujoch. Near Interlaken.
Open: All year daily .
Classification: Subterraneaglacier grotto
Light: electric and natural.
Dimension: A=3,454 m asl., T=-2 °C.
Guided tours:
Address: Jungfraubahnen Interlaken, Harderstrasse 14, 3800 Interlaken, Tel: +41-33828-7233. E-mail: contact
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Eispalast Jungfraujoch. Public Domain.
1912 railroad to the saddle completed.
1934 first ice cave built by two guides from Grindelwald.
1997 glacier cave artificially cooled.
13-DEC-2001 area added to the UNESCO WHL.


Eispalast Jungfraujoch. Public Domain.
Eispalast Jungfraujoch. Public Domain.

The Eispalast Jungfraujoch (Ice Palace Jungfraujoch) is an artificial cave dug into the glacier. With ice pick and saw a huge chamber with some 1,000 m² was dug by hand. The various niches and alkovens are filled with ice sculptures which are carved by artists from Interlaken. The ice of the glacier moves slowly, so the place has to be redone regularly, and it changes its size and form continually.

The Jungfraujoch is an important tourist site, and open all year. Unfortunately at this height sometimes the weather is really bad, and if you were unlucky with the weather, this is one of the sports you can visit anyway. And on hot days it is a cool alternative, as the temperature is slightly below freezing.

Located on the Jungfraujoch (3,471 m asl), the saddle between the mountains Jungfrau (Virgin, 4,158 m asl) and Mönch (Monk, 4,107 m asl), which is also the border between the two Kantons Bern and Wallis, this site is actually located a little bit on the Wallis side. We listed it with Bern, as the Jungfraujoch is accessible by cable car and railroad from Grindelwald in Bern, and no tourist actually cares where the border runs exactly before he looks for this place.